Happy New Year!

Hello all. I hope you have great things planned for 2013 as it should be a great one…..at least let ‘s hope! This is great opportunity to reset your health goals. Don’t make them too far reaching. That is, make them attainable in small bites. That’s the key to success.

Chair-Care Exercise | Explained in a Video

Many of you know that I developed an exercise about 13 years ago in Chiropractic College. I recommend it to patients that have chronic low back pain who have pain in and around the act of sitting. We know that spinal compression happens with sitting so it is wise to unload the spine from the harmful effects of sitting every once in a while. I recommend unloading every 15 minutes of sitting (approximately). To give people a better understanding of this exercise, I created a video that should help.

You can view it here. Please share with those you think might benefit. Keep in mind that it is not recommended for those who have acute low back pain. Ask me or your doctor if this exercise is right for you if you are unsure.

Best wishes,

Jerome Fryer