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As a Nanaimo chiropractor, I am here to help you. My patient-centred approach focuses on improving your health by carefully investigating the anatomy in question to reduce your pain and symptoms. I believe in an integrated approach, bringing together the knowledge learned from all aspects. I plan to seek out the cause of your symptoms and then figure out the best strategies to allow your body to heal its best through the natural regenerative laws of the human system. Please take a moment to look around and familiarize yourself with my site. I hope you find it informative.

In my new clinic, an air exchange system has been installed to introduce fresh air into all rooms AND directly exhausting to the exterior of the building. Carbon dioxide levels are monitored and are, on average, between 500-750ppm. The new office will also be independently accessible without any common areas. Contact surface cleaning between chiropractic appointments is implemented. Mask-wearing is now a personal choice in our clinic as of April 6th.

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How Chiropractors Treat Pain

Pain reduction is often the number one reason why people seek out a chiropractor. Doctors of chiropractic understand the pain is transmitted through an intricate network, weaving through the body’s tissues. Dr. Jerome Fryer has extensive knowledge of the anatomy of pain generators as both a chiropractor and founder/chief innovation officer of Dynamic Disc Designs Corp. (which Dr. Fryer developed from the ground up). Often pain is produced with certain body movements or positions that are related to load and gravity. With his research knowledge using upright MRI, Dr. Fryer has created the models to help patients and other practitioners understand clearly the pain generators of the musculoskeletal system. The models cast light onto the anatomy in question and offer therapeutic solutions to decrease inflammation. Dr. Fryer ensures that the patient is heard at all times and makes their goals a top-priority.

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Evidenced-based Approach

The anatomy of dysfunctional human joints begins with a reduction in the spacing between the bones. The narrower a joint is, the more dysfunctional it is. Narrowing of joint space width is the earliest signs of a joint that is not functioning properly. Proper alignment of the bones brings increased joint space which is at the root of Dr. Fryer’s treatment. Spinal manipulation, which increases the spacing of facet joint (which can be seen here ) OR the use of manual decompression techniques to improve the height of the intervertebral discs (like flexion distraction) is at the foundation of his treatments. Using an evidenced-based approach to spinal care, Dr. Jerome Fryer (chiropractor) works hard to stay abreast of the current research to provide the best outcomes for patients. His straight forward and rational approach to care provides relief as well as optimal spinal function to improve overall health.

Dr. Jerome Fryer in the News

Dr. Jerome Fryer’s recent publication in PLOS One titled: Real-Time Visualization of Joint Cavitation went world wide in the news. On April 15th, 2015 a press release, out of the University of Alberta, talked a little about how the study was initiated. This news was published in over 500 media stories including the The BlazeThe GuardianHerald and NewsToronto StarThe Columbian….  just to name only a few. An interview with Dr. Fryer can be heard on As it Happens and also on the Jill Bennet Show. The inception of the study began when Jerome contacted his fellow colleague Greg Kawchuk, after an anatomical observation had been made in the development of one of his spine models. The Nanaimo Daily News wrote a nice piece. This research published in PLOS One has not defined the sound source. Dr. Jerome continues to push this research to help understand the physics of synovial joints. You can see how others are citing his research here >>

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