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Advancing Research with Chair-Care Decompression Exercise

In a recent research article published in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science, the authors looked to modify an exercise I had published in 2010 in both the Journal of Bodywork and Therapies and The Spine Journal. In our original papers, the arms were used to "off-load" the spine in an exercise I called chair-care [...]

spine charging like a mobile device battery.

Sleep is a beautiful thing. It recharges the mind and body. Did you know that the spinal discs lose a considerable amount of hydraulic height over the course of the day, to be regained by sleep? Spine charging is important. We know from the research done by Jazwinka and Adam [1. Jazwinska, E.C., Adam, K., 1985. Diurnal [...]

Low Back Pain-Spinal Decompression Exercises While Sitting

In an important research article published in The Lancet [1. Global Burden of Disease Study 2013 Collaborators T Barber R Bell B Bertozzi-Villa A Biryukov S, Lancet (London, England) 2015 vol: 386 (9995) pp: 743-800] they revealed the number one disease affecting people world-wide is low back pain. See Figure 1 Figure 1. Top 25 causes of global YLDs in 1990 and [...]

Perfect Posture – What Does That Mean?

Posture In real estate it is location, location, location. But when it comes to the spine, it is posture, posture, and posture! But what does this word actually mean? Posture comes from the Latin Root 'positura' which means "position, station' and portrays the idea of not moving. Let's get one thing straight, we are ALWAYS moving. [...]

Standing Decompression Exercise

In 2010, I published a seated unloading strategy called chair-care in The Spine Journal. The research was titled: Magnetic resonance imaging and stadiometric assessment of the lumbar discs after sitting and chair-care decompression exercise: a pilot study. Using upright or dynamic MRI, we took serial images to see what kind of changes occurred in the intervertebral discs [...]