Testimonials – Dr. Jerome Fryer

I play squash and was having continues pain in my knees and feet. I went to see Dr. Fryer and he made me a pair of orthotics. I’m pain free since I start wearing them. I even improve my game because I have more control of my body now. I’ve already recommended you to all my squash buddies. Thanks Dr. Fryer!
Sebastian C, Nanaimo BC


Extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He really helped me with my back. He was very down to earth and took the time to explain everything to me. He made sure that I knew how to do the exercises and gave me many suggestions to help me. Very good at what he does.
Anonymous, RateMD.com
My experience with Dr. Fryer has been nothing short of miraculous. After being in constant pain for months on end I decided to commit myself to his approach in Chiropractic care. I have been given tools, support and cutting edge education which has changed my life, I now know with 100% accuracy what causes flair ups, what to do to prevent them and most of all I now live an active life again. (A GIFT) Dr. Fryer is a leader in the industry of Chiropractic care.

If you have had problems with your back or hips that haven’t gone away, I highly encourage you to invest some time in his approach to health longevity and wellness.

Germana Rovinelli, C.P.T., Nanaimo BC
Awesome chiro ! only go back for social visits now, after 17 yr of pain, I am now pain free!!
Anonymous, RateMD.com
Dancing is my life, and because I was in pain and having continuous injuries…I wasn’t able to do it. Dr. Fryer helped me understand my body and we worked together to make it strong and flexible but always taking care of my joints and spine. He always encourage me to pursue my dreams and instead of making me stop what I was doing, he taught me the right way to train my body.

My life wouldn’t be the same without his knowledge and empowerment. I can’t thank you enough. You helped me be FREE! Thanks!!

Carla V, Nanaimo, BC
I started experiencing significant neck and mid back pain about 5 years ago, which impacted many activities of daily living ( ie- work, activities that demanded longer periods of standing or sitting, computer work, housework to name a few) I had always been an active person-loved walking, skiing, skating. I never really cared for gym activities.

About 3 years ago, the persistent pain forced me into the doctors office, and after X-rays, bone density etc, I was diagnosed with high fracture risk osteoporosis, Degenerative Disc Disease, and discovered an undiagnosed, mid back scoliosis.

I was extremely perplexed at the osteoporosis, as I did not have any predisposing risk factors. I had nursed all my life and could understand the degenerative disc issue.

I started on bone building medicine, gathered information about the right type and amount of calcium, magnesium and Vitamin D supplements, started a weight training program, and sought out professionals who were the right fit for me-namely a good chiropractor, massage therapist and physiotherapist.

It was hard work at first- and a bit costly, but now- after 3 years of aggressively treating and managing these issues, I’m so pleased to say my latest bone density has seen considerable improvement (I’ve reversed some of the osteoporotic areas into osteopenia states, strengthened surrounding muscle structures to help support degenerative areas, and have considerably decreased chronic pain areas).

I can easily slip back into a chronic pain type syndrome if I do not keep up my strengthening and stretching exercises. I also need to keep a bimonthly/ monthly appointment with my chiropractor and/or massage therapist, but feel I now have control over my issues- not allowing ‘them’ to control me.

Jan Willamson, Facebook