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Office Fees


$100Initial visit
  • 45 minutes


$60Subsequent visit
  • 15 minutes
  • Initial visit $100. Includes detailed history, exam, and treatment.
    Initial visits are approximately 45 minutes. Also, treatment is not mandatory. Many people use Dr. Fryer for his diagnostic capabilities. Therefore, if you prefer not to have any treatment and just discuss your case with Dr. Fryer, please say so at the outset. He will go over your case and provide you with treatment suggestions.

  • Subsequent visit $60. The time Dr. Fryer will spend with you will be approximately 15 minutes.

What He Treats

The benefits of Chiropractic go far beyond relieving only back and neck pain, and has shown effective in the treatment of many common aliments including but not limited to:

Back Pain Neck Pain Headaches
Shoulder and Arm Pain Leg Pain Spinal Stenosis
Foot and Ankle Pain Muscle Spasms Numbness and Tingling
Scoliosis Sports and Personal Injuries Degenerated Discs
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Knee Pain Herniated Discs
Muscle Tightness Repetitive stress injuries Disc Bulge
Spinal Osteoarthritis . .
  • Orthotics
    Dr. Jerome Fryer offers custom orthotics in Nanaimo. The casting technique used is a non-weight bearing slipper sock cast as recommended by the Canadian Podiatry Association. All orthotics are guaranteed to help or your money back.

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