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Choose from six anatomical regions: Cervical, Shoulders, Mid-Back and Chest, Lower Back and Hips, Knees, and Feet and Ankles. Each Image will take you to a schedule for a free class. Join the movement.

Cervical (Neck)

Stability – Mobility


Stability – Mobility

Thoracic (Mid-back)


Lumbar and Hips



Stabilty and Mobility

Feet and Ankles

Stabilty and Mobility

Hip Hop Moves - Get Back

“Dance will bring out the best of you and your back with these custom targeted movements”

Jerome Fryer Chiropractor

Dr. Jerome Fryer with his passionate message — the inception of the idea.

Jacksun of Funkanometry Below

One of the teachers is Jacksun Fryer of Funkanometry

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