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Empowering Patients Through Personalized Biomechanics

Personalized Biomechanics As many of you know, I work to help patients get control of their back and neck pain. I learnt early on that if a patient can see and truly understand the source(s) of their pain triggers, they can begin to understand which movements may be causing the problem while other movements can wind [...]

A Spine’s Perspective – Top down Bias in Musculoskeletal Care

Too much brain not enough spine perspective While perusing the internet, I came across a post on a Facebook defaming an anatomical model that I personally handcrafted. The title read in big bold type: "DON'T SHOW YOUR PATIENTS THIS!" and with a video (which was a copyright infringement) of my model that I had taken [...]

Professor Stuart McGill uses ddd model to get his point across

Stuart McGill is a Professor of biomechanics. He has written several texbooks over his career with his latest Back Mechanic which is focused on the individual with back pain. Compared to previous books, this text is written more to the lay person while previous texts have been more to the academic audiences. As many of you know, [...]

The language of chiropractic patient education No Nocebo

The language we use as professionals is important. When I took my chiropractic oath in 1999, it was the "first do no harm" I believed to be most important. As I began practice I could hear myself speak about findings and I struggled in the beginning to translate findings like 'degenerative disc disease' to the patient [...]

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