REM Sleep is Not Only Good for Your Spine but Also Good for Your Heart Health

Goal of the Study? In this research paper, published in Cardiovascular Medicine [1. Increased Rapid Eye Movement Sleep Is Associated With a Reduced Risk of Heart Failure in Middle-Aged and Older Adults], the authors looked to answer whether REM sleep is a factor in heart health in the older population. In other words, did [...]

spine charging like a mobile device battery.

Sleep is a beautiful thing. It recharges the mind and body. Did you know that the spinal discs lose a considerable amount of hydraulic height over the course of the day, to be regained by sleep? Spine charging is important. We know from the research done by Jazwinka and Adam [1. Jazwinska, E.C., Adam, K., 1985. Diurnal [...]

Medical Marijuana, Sleep and Spine

I would like to quickly explain some recent outcomes I have seen with medical marijuana in conjunction with treatment of spine. A female (late 50s) approached our clinic with significant degeneration in the lumbar spine. This has been ongoing for many years but has been progressive in nature and now causing her pain that prevents [...]

Sleep twitching

The Hypnic Reflex (published in the Journal of Sleep Disorders and Therapy) Have you ever experienced sudden body twitching when falling asleep? This phenomenon has many labels including : hypnic jerk, hypnagogic jerk, sleep twitching and night start...just to name a few. There are many theories as to what this twitch represents but none have made much sense.  Here [...]

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