High Level Athletes Appear to Develop Spine Degeneration

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Does it come to any surprise that high-level athletes have spine disc degeneration? I found it quite revealing that a paper in BMJ Open Sport and Excercise Medicine [1. Evaluation of spine MRIs in athletes participating in the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Summer Olympic Games ] revealed in a retrospective study that a high number [...]

A Holistic Approach to Ergonomics Would Benefit Workers At-Risk for IVD Pain

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The authors of a review [1. The Contribution of Biomechanical-Biological Interactions of the Spine to Low Back Pain] about the interactions between biological and mechanical forces of the spine and how they may contribute to back pain determined that a more helpful ergonomics paradigm in the study of in vivo tolerance limits might be achieved [...]

Motion Sharing and Low Back Pain

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The origin of chronic non-specific low back pain is difficult to determine, at least some seem to think so. So much so, the current trending understandings have almost given up on the mechanistic injury model and believe the source to be coming from the brain with the fear avoidance model leading the charge. However, what [...]

Herniated Disc and MRI Mapping- Prevention Detection

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Herniated disc is common. Researchers believe that degeneration plays an integral role with herniation and is thought to be considered the main cause of back pain. [1.Carragee EJ (2005) Clinical practice. Persistent low back pain. N Engl J Med 352(18):1891–1898 ] [2.Battie MC, Videman T (2006) Lumbar disc degeneration: epidemiology and genetics. J Bone Joint Surg [...]

Posture Pain – We lose height over the course of the day.

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Spine length and time of day. Have you ever noticed that you have to adjust your car’s rear view mirror at the end of the day? Well, there is a reason for this and it has to do with spinal height. Yes, you are shorter at the end of the day as the spine loses, [...]