Many people know that I try to do a little more.

Excitingly, I was interviewed on the mechanical care forum… a weekly podcast that highlights researchers, clinicans, chiropractors, physiotherapists or anyone that is committed to understanding spine and other joints in the body. This is hosted by Jason Ward, a physiotherapist.

Many of the interviewed speakers have a wealth of knowledge about what is important in getting the best outcomes for patients. If you want to have a look, you can see the list of speakers here. Some of the podcasts that I have personally enjoyed are episode 55, 85, and 90.  There are so many interesting people interviewed from all over the world with lots of great information. The main purpose behind all these interviews is to have professionals interact and share their knowledge to improve patient care.

If you listen to episode 92, I was interviewed by Jason Ward. I had a chance to explain why I developed chair-care and my Dynamic Disc Designs Corp. In episode 93, I share some advice I was given at a young age and also a quote I often use.

On another note, I thank the British Columbia Chiropractic Association for the award : Excellence in Research. It is an honour to be recognized by your peers. I hope to inspire other chiropractors to do research so we can get even better as a profession.

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