It is all in the timing – Spine

Timing is everything. Well, almost everything when it comes to spinal health. Posture is dynamic and changes over the course of the day whether you fight to keep upright and in good alignment or not. A closer look into the spacing between each vertebra reveals that the intervertebral discs vary in height and water content over [...]

Perfect Posture – What Does That Mean?

Posture In real estate it is location, location, location. But when it comes to the spine, it is posture, posture, and posture! But what does this word actually mean? Posture comes from the Latin Root 'positura' which means "position, station' and portrays the idea of not moving. Let's get one thing straight, we are ALWAYS moving. [...]

Supported Extension Exercise for Sitting

Supported seated unloading exercise intervention - an exercise for sitting As a researcher, it is always exciting to see your work referenced. In a recent publication in Ergonomics, (Phimphasak, Swangnetr, Puntumetakul, Chatchawan, & Boucaut, 2015) the authors looked to compare two seated ergonomic strategies as an exercise for sitting to offset the effects of static [...]

Dynamic Loading Enhances Intervertebral Disc Nutrition

Dynamic loading of the spine is essential to the health of the intervertebral discs. In a recent ISSLS Prize Winning study in Spine, researchers looked carefully at the influx of nutrient transport and expulsion of by-products of the spine of New Zealand white rabbits. We know that nutrients are required to reach the intervertebral discs [...]

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