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Forward Bending is the Biggest Culprit in Disc Damage

Though people usually blame lower back pain and disc damage on heavy lifting, a new study [1. Numerical Prediction of the Mechanical Failure of the Intervertebral Disc under Complex Loading Conditions]  determined that the true cause of damage is bending—specifically, in a forward direction.   While studying the effects of complex loading conditions on sheep [...]

Professor Stuart McGill uses ddd model to get his point across

Stuart McGill is a Professor of biomechanics. He has written several texbooks over his career with his latest Back Mechanic which is focused on the individual with back pain. Compared to previous books, this text is written more to the lay person while previous texts have been more to the academic audiences. As many of you know, [...]

Vibration and Back Pain – New Research Showing Damage to Discs

Vibration Research It is common to find people with back pain when exposed to vibration, especially when the spine is flexed forward in combination. In a recent prize winning vibration research paper titled: "Vibration Really Does Disrupt the Disc" [1. Kelly R. Wade, PhD, Meredith L. Schollum, PhD, Peter A. Robertson, MD, Ashvin Thambyah, PhD,and Neil [...]

Lumbar Spinal Stenosis and MRI Findings – an association?

In a recent paper published in Spine, researchers looked to try and correlate MRI findings and the severity of pain related to lumbar spinal stenosis. [1. Burgstaller JM1, Schüffler PJ, Buhmann JM, Andreisek G, Winklhofer S, Del Grande F, Mattle M, Brunner F, Karakoumis G, Steurer J, Held U; LSOS Study Group. Is There an Association Between [...]

Fluid flow in (and out) of the Intervertebral Discs

Fluid flow is crucial for spine. In particular, the discs rely on this fluid flow for both structural and cellular life. The cells that live deep within the disc are surrounded by an infrastructure without blood. This sets up a very unique situation for survival. Without a constant source of nutrients, it is imperative that they [...]

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